I built Promptr because I needed a simple, well designed teleprompter, online for some videos I was creating. There were some options, but none of them scratched my itch.

So, I spent a Friday building something that I wanted to use. Promptr was born and it's been used across the globe by people needing a simple teleprompter that works on their phone, tablet or desktop.

Promptr is free to use, but if you wouldn't mind sharing it, that'd be awesome!

Thanks for stopping by.

- Travis

Free to use

It is great to see people using Promptr. When the pandemic hit in 2020, usage soared as more people were creating videos. Promptr is free to use; I only ask for you to share it with your communities.


Tools I used to make this include plain ol' CSS, HTML and javascript. I have also deployed this as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and will be adding enhancements when time allows. On iOS, add the site to the homescreen for PWA and on Android, it will prompt you to save.


The words you type or paste into Promptr are never recorded. You, as a person are never known and you are not cookied to receive ads from Promptr. The site does use Google Analytics to track web stats like referral sources, keywords used by visitors to find the site and # of visits during a period of time. We also have 1 affiliate ad slot on the site. Those ads are specific to Promtpr and there is no retargeting.


If you'd like to know more about Promptr, you can reach me on Linkedin or Twitter.